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L'ALTA SKY 51D est l’ultime sac à dos de transport et de travail. Doté d'une division innovante 1/3 -2/3, cette configuration polyvalente vous permettra de décider de la capacité du sac à dos et de quel volume de stockage à la journée, vous avez besoin. La capacité maximale peut contenir 1-2 Pro DSLR avec objectif attaché (jusqu'à 70-200mm f / 2,8) 3-4 objectifs, un flash et des accessoires, ou un drone avec tous les accessoires connexes + et un CSC (Appareil à Systeme Compact)  avec  un objectif supplémentaire. Il transporte également un ordinateur portable de 15" et / ou une tablette et offre diverses connexions avancées pour trépied.

• Polyvalence ultime - 100% d’équipements, jusqu’à 100% personnel et n'importe où entre les deux
• Expérience de transport «sans fatigue» -  dos ergonomique avec Air system, ceinture & harnais
• Multiple accès pour les actions rapides - ouverture complète arrière, latérale et sur le haut
• Action Drone - diviseurs à double usages / double couleurs pour la configuration d’un drone*
• Sécurité en priorité - double boucles de sécurité
• Pas de tâtonnements - intérieur coloré et lumineux permettant de retrouver les affaires facilement
• Aucun désordre - sangles connectrices rangeables
• Bien organisé - nombreuses poches dédiées, organisateurs et connecteurs pour tous les essentiels
• Restez hydraté - grandes poches latérales pour bouteille à eau
• Restez branché - port pour casque avec possibilité d’étendre le câble depuis la poche interne pour smartphone
• Business orienté - contient un ordinateur portable 15" et / ou une tablette
• Restez stable - système de transport avec trépied, équilibré et optimal
• ALTA LINK - Connexion possible au sac spécial trépied Alta Action, pour l'ultime EXPERIENCE ALTA par Vanguard
• A l’abris de l’humidité -  couverture antipluie totale

*Ne correspond à tous les drones. Vérifiez le meilleur ajustement selon les contraintes de taille de votre modèle spécifique.



$269.99 Buy It Now $339.99 Retail Price

The ALTA SKY 51D is a dynamic backpack that sets a new standard for adaptable carrying and working solutions. It offers versatility combined with reliable gear protection, like never before! Featuring innovative 1/3-2/3 division the larger compartment can be fully accessed from the rear, quickly reached from the side or separately opened from the top, while the smaller compartment enjoys quick individual opening from the bottom front.

The multitude of dividers and access points leave you the choice of just how much professional gear and how much personal gear to carry. Match your workflow preferences by hierarchal set-up and utilization of the multi-access points. Maximum capacity can fit up to 1-2 Pro DSLRs with attached lens (up to 70-200mm f/2.8), 3-4 lenses, a flash and accessories, or a drone with all related accessories, using the dedicated dual use/dual colour drone action dividers in the top 2/3 compartment and a CSC (Compact System Camera) with additional lens in the bottom 1/3 compartment. If carrying less gear one can easily turn this backpack into a daypack or hiking backpack, deciding which separate access point is for photo gear and which is for personal or hiking gear.

Secure rear compartment protects up to a 15” laptop and can also fit a tablet in the additional padded sleeve (*note that double usage is only possible for some laptop + tablet combinations). Organize all other gear and personal essentials such as memory cards, cables, batteries, charger and smartphone, exactly where you need them; either secured in an organizer pocket, or on hand at any given moment in a slip-in pocket. Enjoy pockets with double access points from within and from without. Keep rocking with our headset port which will conveniently extend the cable from the internal smartphone pocket. Avoid human error with our simple coded ‘Full’/’Empty’ media storage. Stay hydrated with two large side pockets for water bottles. Link, hang and sling on anything you can imagine using the multitude of straps, loops and innovative connection features integrated into the surface of the backpack.

The ALTA SKY 51D enjoys additional encompassing protection features, such as our total coverage rain cover, our second-to-none quality, materials, and bag construction, and our grab-and-go sturdy carrying handle along with extra grip handle to facilitate retrieving the backpack from the car boot or overhead bin.

Designed to carry heavy gear loads for extended periods of time, we set the bar for comfortable carrying at a new high. Our advanced ergonomic back and harness system features a well-padded breathable 3D back, uniquely shaped easily to adjust shoulder straps that perfectly contour to your back and torso, adjustable sternum strap and well-padded supporting waist belt. All these join together to promote a ‘never-tire’ user experience!

Various advanced tripod connecting systems enable you to select the best transport solution for your tripod, lighting stands, and hiking sticks.  We also offer the full ALTA EXPERIENCE with ALTA LINK, which enables you to carry along your ALTA PRO TRIPOD in the advanced ALTA ACTION TRIPOD BAG connected to your ALTA SKY BACKPACK!


Application photo photo
Bag Configuration 2+ DSLR Kits with Multiple Lenses 2+ DSLR Kits with Multiple Lenses
Bag Features 1155,1159,1157,1158 1155,1159,1157,1158
Body 2 2
Couleur Grey Grey
Dslr 2 2
Garantie prolongée Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime
Illuminated Reticle No No
Inside Bag height 13 and above 350 and above
Inside Bag Length 11 and above 250 - 350
Inside Bag Width 7 - 10 190 and above
Inside Dimensions 12 5/8 x 7 7/8 x 20 1/8 320 x 200 x 510
Lens 5 5
Load capacity 29.75 29.75
Notebook capacity 15" 15"
Outside Dimensions 14 5/8 x 10 1/4 x 22 1/4 370 x 260 x 565
Séries Alta Sky Alta Sky
Shoulder Bag Type Backpack Backpack
Rangement sur trépied Y Y
Garantie 1 Year 1 Year
Weight 6.4400 2.9200